The Rare And Beautiful Miniature Sharks Of Potawango Island

…it would take one abour a week to eat your leg


The Doclopedia #975

The Strange Corners Chronicle: January 12, 1863


Our fair town mourns the death of Colonel Wallace Strange, former officer of the United States Army, world explorer, expert on things strange & mystical and co-founder of this town. The Colonel died at 2 pm yesterday at his ranch north of town. He had been in poor health since returning from South America in May of 1861. His brother, Doctor Samuel Strange, noted that during that ill fated expedition, all but three men involved died and his brother had barely recovered from an infection brought on by a large bite from some still unknown creature.

The Colonel will be transported back to the family cemetery in Vermont for burial. The Doctor will host a memorial service tomorrow at the ranch.


Having purchased 1,200 acres on the Ridge, Professor Augustus Marlin has hired many local workers to commence the building of his home there. A scholar of some note in his homeland of England, the Professor has chosen to live in our area due to “a splendid convergence of energies” that our town apparently centers upon.

This reporter was allowed to see the plans for the home and they are unique. They mostly consist of a medium sized home with an attached 90 foot tall tower. When asked about the inclusion of the tower, Professor Marlin would only say that it was “traditional” and would also give an amazing view of the town and surrounding area.


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