Sly Cockatoos Disrupted My Revelry

…and then they laughed…sob…they laughed!


The Doclopedia #977

The Strange Corners Chronicle: September 9, 1861


The bright flashes of light that were seen east of town the last three nights have been explained by Doctor Strange. It seems the good doctor and his friend Victor Franklin have been doing some experiments with electricity that have resulted in the reports of lightning strikes on these recent cloudless summer nights. He also informs this reporter that the experiments have now ended, so no further nighttime displays are forthcoming.


At some point on Saturday, just after dawn, a fire broke out at the Sark & Lucius Mortuary, claiming the lives of Mr. Lucius and the seldom seen Mr. Sark. According to Father Lonigan and Doctor Singh, who were first on the scene, the blaze was caused to spread by some of the chemicals used in the embalming process. By the time the alarm was raised and a bucket brigade was formed, firefighting was limited to preventing a grass fire that might spread to other buildings. The mortuary burned to the ground. Sheriff Tanner investigated and said that he found only a few remaining bones of the two men, such was the heat of the fire.

In a related note, Jobe Skinner claims to have head several loud noises coming from the building just before the fire started. Of course, friend Skinner had been drinking, which would explain his additional sighting of “hundreds of rats” leaving the building as it started to burn.


Construction of the Town Hall is underway at last. The building, when completed, will house the Mayoral offices, the Town Council meeting room, the Town Clerk and the Tax Office.

New businesses have come to Strange Corners. Mr. Esposito and his family have set up the Esposito Nursery just south of town and will have many fine trees, shrubs and vines for sale. At the other end of town, Miss Tunstin has opened a book store that will have many fine new and used books. Finally, Mr. & Mrs Kalaniki have set up a photography studio inside the Excelsior Hotel and are open for business Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 5.

Young Will Packard informs us that he will be selling both hogs and goats for butchering within the week. He says that those interested may place their orders now for delivery at the end of the month.

In a final note, Loyd Unger. Manager of the Town Dump, reports that a large pile of muck has gone missing. This muck, composed mostly of barn waste, decomposing animal carcasses, swamp mud and chemicals from Doctor Stranges laboratory, apparently went missing last Thursday night. Spots of muck on the ground show it was taken in the direction of Sunly Swamp. Loyd was at a loss to explain anyone stealing half a ton of muck, but this reporter suspects a prank by local lads in the offing.


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