A Wonderful Book About Terrible Children

…including the story “The Little Boy Who Ate Mud”


The Doclopedia #991

Unsuccessful Comic Book Heroes: Butterfly Man        Genre: Humor, Supers

This poorly thought out hero was introduced in 1968 as an attempt to cash in on the whole hippie/Summer of Love thing. His ability to fly and shoot out “peace beams” could not counter the crazy image of a muscular man wearing a tie dyed bodysuit and huge colorful butterfly wings. His enemies, villains like The Warhawk, Doctor Badvibes and Sister Scream, were just as goofy as he was.

Thankfully, his comic run lasted only 6 issues before Marble Comix pulled the plug. Today, the only mention made of Butterfly Man is when one Marble character wants to compare another to a real loser.



The Doclopedia #992

Unsuccessful Comic Book Heroes: The Dreamwalker      Genre: Humor, Supers

From all outward appearances, The Dreamwalker should have been a massive hit. The character had a totally cool set of powers (enter the DreamWorld, use DreamMagic versus the minions of the evil Horrifus), a first rate set of secondary characters, cool DreamTech gadgets and great art & writing. The first 10 issues were lauded by fans and critics as some of the best comics ever. The publisher, Gnarly Comics, was even getting offers to make a movie version.

When issue 11 came out, things started going south fast, it seems that both the artist and the writer had started dropping acid and snorting coke and it was reflected in their work. The art, while still technically very good, was getting stranger by the issue. The storyline got more and more convoluted and took on a politically ranty feel. By issue 16, nobody knew what the hell was going on and issue 18 was the final issue.

Gnarly Comics tried to restart The Dreamwalker several times, but had no success. It wasn’t until 2007 that the character got revived in a form people would read about. Even then, it was a minor hit at best.


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