Fly Fishing In The Stream Of Conciousness

…and not catching anything


OOPS! Forgot to post the Monday entry for After The Change Came. Here it is and I promise the Wednesday entry will go up on time.


After The Change Came

Series 3

A Night For Gaming And Parenting

Well, folks, tonight was Game Night at the old hacienda and we had a pretty big crowd. Besides Grace, myself, Lily and the twins, we had Roscoe, Gigi & the pups, Sin & Babe, Lily’s best friend Cassie, Lily’s “he’s NOT my boyfriend, Dad” friend Marty, Avis & Daniel and our very good neighbor, Linda. Boardgames were the order of the night and we had the big gaming table set up.

The pups and twins were put into a magical sort of playpen that is, like a TARDIS, larger on the inside than on the outside. It is also safer than safe, but that didn’t stop out House Elf, Annie, from popping in “just to check on the wee ones” every 10 minutes or so. Even so, at one point Will figured out that he could push toys into a pile near the stable end of the playpen, climb on top of the pile and then help puppies escape. He was helped in figuring this out by May, who among the pups is the one most likely to have “adventures”. Puppy escapes were fruitless, since both Gigi and Grace were sitting nearby. They just put the escapees right back into the pen, then had Daniel cast a spell to put a magical cover on it. Lockdown!

Rather than recount boring play by play of the games, I’ve opted to list some quotes from throughout the evening, many without context.

Grace to Gigi: “You have a degree in Early Childhood Education, another in Child Psychology, you are extremely patient and you have a highly developed herding instinct. Of course you’re a good mother.”

Marty: “I swear these dice did not suck when I used them last time”

Avis to Me: “Yeah, right. We should live so long as to see you get sick of Chinese food.”

Lily to Cassie: “Lucky you. Takes me half an hour to shampoo my hair. And try shampooing a tail!”

Gigi to Roscoe: “You do realize that the object of this game is to win, right?”

Me to Daniel: “If you build a guest house, you should make it look like a milkshake.”

Linda to Grace: “I love my wife, even when she goes to Bitchytown.”

Roscoe to Babe: “One of these days, we’ll run through the streets with you chasing me. That will get us some looks.”

Avis to Lily: “Always remember that your father kept us searching for him for 3 days because he wanted to hang out with gorillas.”

Sin to Marty: “Yes, the whole growth spurt thing is a pain in the ass. When I was your age, I was growing out of dresses in a month’s time.”

Me to Sin: “It surprises nobody here that you get wood for sheep.”

Grace to Lily: “Of course high school sucks, sweetie. It’s full of teenagers.”

Sin: “If I ever did build a railroad, it would have way classier cars than you usually see.”

Me to Roscoe: “When you were a year old you ate half a pound of butter. You had to wear a diaper for a week.”

Avis: “I don’t like those dice. They look creepy.”

Lily to Marty: “Of course females are smarter than males. If they weren’t, we’d still be living in caves.”

It was a fun night. Now I have to go tuck in two sleepy toddlers, then hit the sack. Off to China tomorrow. More blogging later.


Unicorns On The Prowl

…for virgins, one assumes

After The Change Came

Series 3

A Day For Being Interviewed

Well, the Grizzlies lost by 2 points yesterday. Gigi won her bet with Roscoe, so she will be off to the Napa Valley wine country with Grace, Mom, Lily and assorted girlfriends for a weekend of spas, wine and fine food, all on the old hound dog’s nickel. I lost a bottle of 12 year old single malt scotch to Kelly, who chose the damned lucky Sharks. If it hadn’t been for that summoned Earth Elemental, the Grizzlies would have won.

Anyway, today I’m going to post the first of several Times of Luna interviews that Lena Kostrova did with members of our family and friends at a big party my folks had to celebrate their 70th anniversary. It was part of a year long series where Times reporters interviewed families around the world. I think we all came off looking pretty good.

The Times Interview: Doc & Roscoe

Times: So, first off let me congratulate both of you on your fairly recent fatherhood.

Doc: Thanks, although I had been a father for about 13 years prior to that. Still, it is a bit different being a father to human babies.

Roscoe: Try being a father to four babies at once. But yeah, it’s all good and fatherhood does change you.

Times: Speaking of you, Roscoe, you’re also pretty recently married, right?

Roscoe: Just shy of two years. It’s great, you know. I think I’d known for years that Gigi was the one. We make a very good team and she’s beautiful and all that. Yeah, it’s good being married.

Times: And Doc, you just celebrated 38 years of marriage?

Doc: Yep, and it’s just as good as it was on day one.

Times: Ok, so moving to another subject via a reader submitted question, why did the two of you form a vidgame production house instead of just staying freelancers?

Roscoe: It was all about working together and getting games out in less time. See, Dad has always been better at thinking things up and fleshing them out, but I’ve got the better skills at going into C-Space and putting things together. We were always helping each other out anyway, so this was just a small step, really.

Doc: Right. I’ve been playing RPGs and GMing and creating worlds since D&D first came out. That stuff I can do in my sleep, but Roscoe grew up messing around with C-Space apps like WorldMaker and Game Factory, so by the time I started working on my first QuestWorld module, he was knocking out world skins and stuff in his spare time. He did most of the actual building on my first three or four modules.

Roscoe: It was fun. Dad comes up with some great off the wall concepts. The scavenger hunt during a robot uprising? The jewel heist during a party at the White House, Reagan Era? The zero gee bar fight in Module G-15, “Moon Dust Rock”? All classics! And very popular, I might add.

Times: Another reader question is for Doc. What is it like being able to speak so many languages and why can’t you read them, too?

Doc: Well, actually, about a year ago, the Wizards sort of upgraded Speakers so that we can, over time, learn to read the languages we speak most often. So far, I’m pretty good at reading Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, Fae, Japanese, Troll and Hebrew. As for what it’s like being able to speak with so many sentients, well, it’s enlightening. First thing you find out is that most people are pretty much like most other people. They want a good life, good health and a nice world that’s fun to live in. Now, their ideas of what’s “fun” can vary wildly, but by and large folks are the same regardless of species or bodily form.

Times: Roscoe, this question is for you. How do you feel about the Wizard ruling on Smart Animals?

Roscoe: I’m a big supporter of it. First off, the Smart Animals who were raised up just by talking with First Gen Smart Animals are good folks, but they are still full of regular animal tendencies. This tends to lead to some internal conflicts. Fortunately, wizards & mages have been great about helping them get through that, but it was still pretty rough for most of them. And the world needs just regular animals, ordinary dogs & cats & such.

Of course, getting our Hands was just a crazy popular thing. I can’t tell you how much easier it made our lives. I can hardly wait to play fetch with my kids once they get a bit older. It’s pretty hard to throw a ball any distance using your mouth.

Times: One more, related question. Why do no Smart Dogs ever “go Anthro”, but 8 out of 10 Smart Cats do?

Roscoe: Well, for the best answer, you’ll have to ask my sister, but it pretty much boils down to the fact that Smart Cats never fully mature, mentally. They all kind of stop at about the 15 year old point, but they are intelligent enough to realize that. Going Anthro lets them become adults. And there’s the whole opposable thumb thing. And I think cats have always kind of been jealous of humans.

Smart Dogs, on the other hand, mature pretty quickly. I graduated high school when I was 7 years old. Gigi had her teaching credentials by the time she was 8. Also, Smart Dogs are very comfortable with remaining dogs. The hands & thumb thing would be useful, but it was never enough to tempt us. We like being the shapes and sizes we are. We work well with people like this. Besides, computer sims that show us how going Anthro would affect us show that Dog People would be pretty ugly/strange looking. Cat People are all good looking.

I’ll also point out that very few Smart Animals other than cats ever go Anthro. There are a few Fox People out there and a couple of Pig People, who are really smart, but butt ugly, and maybe a dozen assorted others. It also doesn’t help that once you go Anthro, you can’t go back.

Times: Doc, here’s a twofer for you, from a young lady working at Lunar South Pole Colony. First, how much of the Potter books were based on you and your friends, including Doctor Candace Coleman, at Hobart’s. Second, are you ever going to write a book or do a vid about the 1972-1973 Looking For Trouble World Tour?

Doc: (laughing) I’ll answer the second part first. We have actually been contacted by a publisher about this and are in negotiations, both with the publisher and among ourselves. Revelation of what went on over the course of that 366 days is a subject of various degrees of concern among the four of us. It was a particularly wild part of our wild & misspent youth…well, ok, not so wild for Avis and Candy, who was not yet anywhere near being an astronomer or an astronaut, compared to Sin & I…so there might be parts we want to leave out or edit, so as not to shock the children.

Times: (at this point, Roscoe collapses in laughter)

Doc: Oh yeah, laugh it up, you floppy eared goob. Wait until your kids are old enough for Grandpa to tell them about YOUR youthful antics.

So yes, there will be a book at some point. We all kept journals of the trip, so putting the book together will be fairly easy. There are also tons of photos and about 6 hours of 8mm movies, some of which are pretty funny.

As far as a movie goes, I can’t say, but it would be pretty cool and might have to be done as a couple of movies or a miniseries. Quite a bit happened on that trip.

Now, the question about the Potter books is one we all get asked very often. The answer is that the school and Mr. Hobart had a whole lot more influence on the books than we did. Well, them and Mr. Snade and Miss MacDougal. I think it was more some of the stories that came from our exploits at school, as well as the exploits of other students, that went into the main characters than us personally. I mean, J.K. didn’t even start at Hobarts until four years after we graduated, so she never knew us in person. We did meet her at our 10th reunion, which took place at the school just as she was returning for her final year. She was Head Girl for Grizzly House, which was our House. I mostly remember that she was a very polite young lady.

Come to think of it, the drinks did flow freely that night and the four of us did sit around retelling old school stories, so she might have heard them straight from the perpetrator’s mouths.

Times: Alright, one last question for the both of you, and it comes from none other than Lunar President Jasmine Cook. How strange is your life?

Roscoe: It’s not strange at all. This life, this world is all I’ve ever known. For me, all of this is totally normal. I suspect this question is more aimed at Dad, since he was around well before the change.

Doc: I think you’re right, son. Well, I was around for 45 and a half years before the Change came. Aside from growing up with my family, going to Hobarts, being a big old science fiction/fantasy/gaming fan and being a nature geek, I spent a year raising hell all over the world, then spent the next 10 years roaming North and South America with the woman I love. We tried a few years of living a normal life, but that failed so we roamed the world for a few more years. Finally, in 1999, at ages 45 and 43, we decided to start thinking about adopting a couple of kids, but first we adopted a puppy and kitten and took a two month road trip that was interrupted by the Change.

After that, well…

I live in a world where magic really exists and is pervasive. In August of 1999 I went from being 45 years old physically to being 18. I’m a Mutant that can converse with everyone and everything that has a language. My wife is a green skinned, smells of nature and is one of 10,000 female avatars of the worldwide biosphere. My dog and cat got Smart and became my son & daughter. I’m a grandfather to four Smart Puppies.

Most of my family and many of my friends became Gnomes, except for the ones who became giants, witches, elves, centaurs or other New Races. My best male friend, who is a cross dresser and died 5 years before the Change, became a Computer guide, then about 11 years later came back from the dead and now lives in a treehouse with a Smart Rabbit. My best female friend is a Mutant who can step through any door on Earth and step out any other. She’s married to a Scottish Mage and they live in a house that looks like a hamburger.

Two of my nephews live on the Moon and one of them is going to Mars. I live in a house that is kept clean and functioning by House Elves, the male of whom is also my gentleman’s gentleman, which I assure you is a total oxymoron, since neither of us are. And he sounds like Obi Wan Kenobi, filtered through Jeeves and Alfred Pennyworth.

My mule is Smart and a wicked good poker player. My wife’s best friend is a dragon that can only enter our home if she shrinks down to human size. I often hang out with Wizards, all of whom were famous human scientists, writers, actors, comedians and other creative types. Many of them were dead before the change, some for over a century. All of them are screwy.

I buy most of my beer from a 7 foot tall Troll named Jim, who runs a farm and brewery. I regularly ride buses that are part dog, cat or rabbit. My favorite mode of travel is on steampunk looking airships.

I’m trying to prevent civil war in China. My eldest daughter went from Smart Cat to Catgirl and is a high school student in the middle of puberty. None of the dozens of windows in my house are the same shape. At the chronological age of 58, I became a father to a Mutant and A Green Lady In Waiting.

And I’m being interviewed by a young woman from the Moon.

So you tell me, how strange is that?

Times: I’ll leave that for the readers to decide. Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

Big Dan And Dancin’ Katy Get All Dressed Up

…and then they jump in the Lincoln and head to town


After The Change Came

Series 3


A Day For Wizardball

In my last post, I forgot to mention that Wizardball, the game that has until recently been just a local thing, has gone big time. As in, worldwide and with TV and online broadcasting of games, big time sponsoring by the Wizards and huge audiences. There are 24 Regions around the world and in about 6 months we’ll see the first World Cup tournament.

Here’s how Wizardball works: the pitch is in a lightly forested area 300 yards long by 100 yards wide where gravity has been magically reduced by 50%. At each end of the pitch is a floating hoop that measures 10 feet across and moves about in a random pattern anywhere from 20 to 50 feet above the ground. That hoop is the goal. Get the ball through the hoop and you get a point…IF you are no more than 30 feet from the hoop. If you are 31 to 60 feet away when you score a goal, you get 2 points. From 61 to 90 feet, 3 points. Beyond 90 feet, scoring a goal is pretty much impossible, but if you do it, your team automatically wins the game.

The pitch is not flat. There are low hills, boulders and a couple of 5 foot deep stream beds. The pitch is also divided into 100 yard sections, lengthwise. These are the Far, Mid and Near sections. The Near section is a team’s home area, the Far section belongs to the opposing team. The Mid is no man’s land and where some of the best action takes place.

Each team fields 5 players to each section and they cannot leave their assigned section or their team loses a point. Short of actually hurting another player on purpose, pretty much anything goes. The scoring “ball” is actually an 18 inch wide heavy rubber ring called a “Frodo” (yeah, Wizard humor) that can be thrown frisbee style or just run with. Bouncing it off of trees or other objects (including other players) in a bank shot is legal.

To add some spice to the game, every so often a random spell goes off, the effects of which cover the entire pitch and last for 10 minutes. These spells can range from a summoned swarm of pixies to normal gravity to pouring rain. Generally, from 3 to 5 spells go off in a two hour game. Teams also swap goals every 30 minutes.

Players wear no body padding, but do wear Rings of Protection from Head & Neck Injuries.

Only humanoids over 3 feet tall and under 9 feet tall are allowed to play Wizardball in the World League, but locally, there are all sorts of teams. In all leagues, Mutant and magic powers are forbidden.

There are very few other rules.

Watching a Wizardball game is like watching soccer, American football, gymnastics, track, frisbee golf and an obstacle course all rolled into one.

Which is all by way of explaining why a whole bunch of folks are arriving at our house today to watch the match between the Sacramento Grizzlies and our hated enemies, the San Francisco Sharks. The barbecue has been doing it’s thing since last night, the beverages are cold and there are bets standing, including one between Roscoe and his lovely bride, a native of San Francisco.

More bloggage later, after the Grizzlies kick ass.

Chapter 78: In Which Our Hero Finds A Secret Entrance Into The Sultan’s Palace, But Must Pose As A Eunuch Once Inside.

…not his ballsiest performance

Ok, Gentle Readers, as promised, today I’m starting up the third series for After The Change Came. The first series is up on my website, but the second series seems not to be up anywhere right now. I shall try to rectify that.

This series will go up twice a week for the next couple of months. Let me know what you think of it.


After The Change Came

Series 3


A Day For The Resumption Of Blogging

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? You’d think I could get around to doing more posts in under two years, but I’ve been busy. Very busy.

I’d like to thank Sin for taking up the blogging slack last year, especially his coverage of the birth of Will & Gin. By the way, Sin and Babe are now living in a very nice tree house just down the road from us and he is painting his butt off doing portraits of Wizards. I’m told that it’s a money making deal, but you do have to deal with Wizards, which is always a big dose of strange.

In other news…

Will & Gin are just shy of 14 months old and are walking all over the place. Fast. And climbing. I swear, Gin could probably climb a tree and Will would be right behind her. Babyproofing our house is easier with magic, but still never quite finished. Both of them are very healthy, very curious and they love just about everyone.

Lily is doing very well in high school and has a part time job. She and her friend Cassie hire out as a babysitting team and seem to be in big demand. At home, Lily is the favorite hugging recipient of the twins, which makes her purr loud enough to hear across the room.

Grace is still doing her Green Lady thing as well as her Mom/Wife/Lady of the Manor thing. She is also giving piano lessons several times a week to local kids. As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also helping our friends George & Mark turn an empty plot of land into a beautiful garden.

My grandchildren by Roscoe & Gigi (April, May, June & Nick) are 18 months old (about the 3 year old stage compared to humans) and at the “Why” stage. I probably hear “Grandpa, why…” about 40 times a day. Gigi has gone back to teaching kindergarten part time and Roscoe has a day job working for the Department of Nature doing wildlife census taking. It’s a pretty easy job, since he pretty much just goes out and walks around an X square mile grid area with his partner, a human named Paulette. She makes observations and Roscoe sniffs the air & ground and tells her how many of each species are in the area. In the evenings and on weekends, Roscoe has joined with me to form ManDog Game Design, a little company doing mostly QuestWorld modules, but with the odd foray into arcade style games.

Mom and Dad have expanded the farm to 300 acres and are now raising Jersey cattle. It’s mostly a cow/calf operation, but they are looking to breed up a nice line of bulls, too. My gnome siblings are all in high school and on the whole are much better students and teenagers that Rosie, Kelly or I were, as my Mom will cheerfully tell you.

Ben & Annie, our House Elves, had triplets about 16 months ago and they are pretty much growing like weeds. Apparently, House Elves mature quickly, so the kids will leave home by the time they are about 5. In the meantime, they are helping out around the place, which keeps Ben & Annie on their toes.

Avis & Daniel got married 10 months ago, are living in New Hampshire and are just as happy as can be. Auntie Avy pops in to see the twins at least twice a week.

And me? Well, besides my job as dad/grandpa/husband/son/brother/friend/boss and the above mentioned game designer, I’m still a diplomat. My latest assignment is heading up a team of five Mutants (two Speakers, one Flier, one Shapeshifter and a Telepath) that are trying to avert yet another damned war in China. This is made very difficult due to China having a larger number of sentient species than any other country. We are making progress, but very slowly. If only Speaker Xiao would let me be a bit more aggressive in my diplomacy, I could definitely speed things up. As it stands, the Dragon Republic doesn’t want to deal with the Western Federation, the Southern Alliance keeps trying to move into Red Flower territory and the Mongolians aren’t too damned happy with anyone. And I left out about a dozen states, factions, unions, etc. So, I pop off to China about three times a week and try to deal with all of that. At least the food is good.

In broader news, the Wizards had a big meeting 6 months ago and then changed things up for Smart Animals. No longer can a Smart Animal raise a normal animal up to Smart merely by talking to them. In fact, they can only make more Smart Animals by doing it the old fashioned way: having babies. As sort of a payment for the Smarties losing that ability, the Wizards gave them all telekinetic powers, which they call “Hands”. Depending upon size, a Smarty can lift from 3 to 15 pounds or just hang on to something with a good tight grip. Thankfully, this ability only comes about at age three, which is about human mental age of six. Believe me, Roscoe and Gigi are very glad about that.

The number of “Fundietowns” has decreased over the nearly 14 years since the Change and so the Wizards decided to combine some of the remaining ones into larger cities. This not only improved life in those wretched places, but cleared off land for ecosystem repair. The fundies were not terribly amused, but what can they do? They’re afraid of the outside world.

One last thing to report before I escort my Sweet Angel and my lovely daughter over to Mom & Dad’s for dinner: the Mars colony went live 10 months ago when 150 people landed at Helium Station. The plan is to expand by about 50 people every 6 months, since it takes that long for the construction bots to build a couple of new domes. My nephew Chris is scheduled to become a Martian in about a year. We are all very proud of him.

Ok, time to go. More bloggage soon!

Bog Water On The Rocks

…with a side of snake squeezins!


I’m Not Dead Yet!

This is just a wee bit of a post to let y’all know that I’m still here, even though I haven’t posted  in 12 days.  I took a few days off from most writing and am now using my limited writing time to work on the fiction that I promised to put up on here. Should have the first piece ready in about a week.

In the inevitable other news, everyone here is pretty healthy, except our Basset Hound, Sasha, who got bit by a pitbull last night on a walk. Grace took her to the vet this morning. The bites weren’t too severe and she is feeling better tonight, thanks to antibiotics & pain pills.

OK, I’m done here and getting back to writing. I’ll try to post again soon.



My Life Among The Other Worlds

…closes a chapter tonight

Wow…I actually made it to my 1,000th Doclopedia post. I’m amazed and impressed with myself and a little bit sad and a bunch relieved. I want to thank those of you who have read and commented on these bits of imaginative rambling over the years. Please don’t think this is the end of the Doclopedia, because nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll be taking the next few months off from putting posts up online, but I’ll be working on the first of several Doclopedia ebooks, which will contain old stuff revised as well as all new entries. I’ll make a big announcement when they are ready for sale.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting some serial fiction on here regularly, starting with the third series of blog posts from the Changed World and ending with the 6th Annual CatCon Report. I hope you enjoy them, but you should go back and read previous years entries so that you know what’s going on.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that you should look for the triumphant return of Doclopedia posts, probably on a twice weekly basis, starting about mid August. For now, enjoy post #1,000!


The Doclopedia #1,000

The Reader Assisted 1,000th Entry: The Marmalade Moon PaladinGenre: Humor, Fantasy, Special

In that other world, the one all children know about, but teenagers can barely remember and adults can’t even think of (until they get really old, but that’s when childhood returns anyway), where all the really great stuff happens and the forests are either big and fun or dark and scary, there are like, 5 moons and they each have a different color and get their names from food of the same color. Well, ok, not the Bouncy Ball moon, which is about 23 different colors and sort of moves around in the sky like a bouncy ball, but the other 4 moons, sure enough. There’s the Grape Jelly Moon, the Pickle Moon, the Mayonnaise Moon and the best moon of all, the Marmalade Moon.

Sir Teddy Bear and The Knights of the Toybox went there back when the Evil Windup Wizard stole the Cupcake Princess, so they could ask the help of the greatest knight of them all, the Marmalade Moon Paladin. Naturally, the Marmalade Moon Paladin agreed, since he loved cupcakes and knew that the Cupcake Elves were good folks.

Well, he came down to the world from the Marmalade Moon and got all of the Cupcake Elves and Ice Cream Gnomes and about a zillion other folks and they went to the Itchy Desert and stormed the Mile High Tower of the Evil Wind Up Wizard. They had to fight Zomboids and Draccoons and Weerloos and Potato Giants and even a Heckifiknow, but they beat them all and then the Marmalade Moon Paladin brought the Cupcake Princess home and there was the best party ever! Later, they got married and went to live on the Marmalade Moon and had 9 children. Sometimes, they all had big family adventures, like the time the Television Goblins painted the Green & Yellow Forest blue & brown, or the time that the family went to visit the King of the Sideways City.

I’d tell you more about them, but I’m getting sleepy now.


The Totally True, But Still Unbelievable, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Traveling Worm Circus

…co-starring her favorite Great Aunt, Hepzibah Cornwinkle


I know, I know…I’ve been slacking off on the last few Doclopedia posts. My only excuse is that first, my Sweet Angel of a wife, Grace got sick with a chest cold, then I got sick with either a bad attack of allergies or a bitch of a head cold. Grace is feeling somewhat better, but I’m what is commonly known as miserable. But I want the damned Doclopedia done for a while, so, sick as I am, I’m posting entries number 998 & 999. Entry #1,000 will go up in a couple of days, once I clear 647 square yards of mucus out of my head.


The Doclopedia #998

April Fools Day: …In An Enchanted Forest Genre: Humor, Fantasy

Oh, you think it’s funny, eh, dwarf? I go to lean up against a tree and it’s an illusion and I fall on my ass and you think it’s FUNNY? I didn’t hear you laughing when those vines pulled down your breeches, did I? Personally, I thought that was pretty hilarious. OK, so it was funnier when the wizard bent down to pick up that fake gem and that rabbit goosed him. Heh, heh…I din’t know the old boy could jump so high.

Well, anyway, I hope we get out of this damned forest with at least some shred of dignity. Curse those Forest Elves for setting all of this up anyway. Have I mentioned how I hate April Fools Day?”




The Doclopedia #999

April Fools Day: …In The Tooniverse Genre: Humor, Cartoons

So yeah, you’d think that April first would just be crazy as hell in the Tooniverse, but here’s the deal: it’s the most boring day of the year! You’ve gotta figure, the cartoon folks are doing crazy stuff every day, so maybe they let us get wacky that one day and they just do normal stuff, which they do. They have barbecues, watch sports, do home improvement projects, attend concerts, watch their kids play…all of the stuff we do on the average weekend. Nary an anvil gets dropped on a head or a cat chases a mouse. I tell ya, it’s actually quite eerie.”