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A Day For Wizardball

In my last post, I forgot to mention that Wizardball, the game that has until recently been just a local thing, has gone big time. As in, worldwide and with TV and online broadcasting of games, big time sponsoring by the Wizards and huge audiences. There are 24 Regions around the world and in about 6 months we’ll see the first World Cup tournament.

Here’s how Wizardball works: the pitch is in a lightly forested area 300 yards long by 100 yards wide where gravity has been magically reduced by 50%. At each end of the pitch is a floating hoop that measures 10 feet across and moves about in a random pattern anywhere from 20 to 50 feet above the ground. That hoop is the goal. Get the ball through the hoop and you get a point…IF you are no more than 30 feet from the hoop. If you are 31 to 60 feet away when you score a goal, you get 2 points. From 61 to 90 feet, 3 points. Beyond 90 feet, scoring a goal is pretty much impossible, but if you do it, your team automatically wins the game.

The pitch is not flat. There are low hills, boulders and a couple of 5 foot deep stream beds. The pitch is also divided into 100 yard sections, lengthwise. These are the Far, Mid and Near sections. The Near section is a team’s home area, the Far section belongs to the opposing team. The Mid is no man’s land and where some of the best action takes place.

Each team fields 5 players to each section and they cannot leave their assigned section or their team loses a point. Short of actually hurting another player on purpose, pretty much anything goes. The scoring “ball” is actually an 18 inch wide heavy rubber ring called a “Frodo” (yeah, Wizard humor) that can be thrown frisbee style or just run with. Bouncing it off of trees or other objects (including other players) in a bank shot is legal.

To add some spice to the game, every so often a random spell goes off, the effects of which cover the entire pitch and last for 10 minutes. These spells can range from a summoned swarm of pixies to normal gravity to pouring rain. Generally, from 3 to 5 spells go off in a two hour game. Teams also swap goals every 30 minutes.

Players wear no body padding, but do wear Rings of Protection from Head & Neck Injuries.

Only humanoids over 3 feet tall and under 9 feet tall are allowed to play Wizardball in the World League, but locally, there are all sorts of teams. In all leagues, Mutant and magic powers are forbidden.

There are very few other rules.

Watching a Wizardball game is like watching soccer, American football, gymnastics, track, frisbee golf and an obstacle course all rolled into one.

Which is all by way of explaining why a whole bunch of folks are arriving at our house today to watch the match between the Sacramento Grizzlies and our hated enemies, the San Francisco Sharks. The barbecue has been doing it’s thing since last night, the beverages are cold and there are bets standing, including one between Roscoe and his lovely bride, a native of San Francisco.

More bloggage later, after the Grizzlies kick ass.