Fat Cats Using Bats Chased Rats With Flat Hats Into Vats Full Of Gnats

…some were wearing spats


Ok, so I’ll be ending the latest “After The Change Came” series by about Friday. After that, I have a storytelling/worldbuilding idea in mind. It will be an audience participation thing, with questions being asked on my Facebook page and the results being posted on my blog. I’m thinking two posts a week, to make things easy for everybody.

The story will begin with an amnesiac waking up in an alley. They will have very little in the way of stuff. What stuff they do have will dictate the setting for the story. Could be fantasy, pulp era, modern day, near future, steampunk, western…or some combination of those or other time periods/genres.

You, Gentle Readers, will pick the stuff they have.

To Participate, go on over to Facebook, where you’ll find me as Doc Cross. The first two questions are there now.


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