Lawyers, Buns & Honey

…a much sweeter song than the one Warren Zevon wrote


Ok, here are the final two posts for After The Change Came: Series 3.  On or about Tuesday, I’ll start the Audience Participation Story.


After The Change Came

Series 3

A Morning For Girding One’s Loins

I have just finished eating a tasty breakfast and now I’m writing this as I drink my tea. In less that half an hour, I’ll commence my busiest day of the con. How busy, you ask? Well…

I’ll be doing the following seminars, in order: “What’s New At ManDog Game Design”, “…And That’s When It All Went South On Us”, “Mining Pre-Change Adventures For QuestWorld”, and “QuestWorld Year In Review”.

Smack in the middle of those 4 seminars, I’ll be taking 3 hours to participate in the “Great Quest Design Challenge”, during which a total of 15 teams of two designers will attempt to pound out a quick and dirty Quest in an 2 hours. The third hour is when we’ll be judged by actual players running through our Quests. The theme for the contest is “Roswell, New Mexico”.

After the seminars and the challenge, I’m going to go on a run through a new Quest called “Goblins On Broadway!”. I have no clue what it will be like.

When that’s done, it will be time for the obligatory drinking and chatting. After that, I’ll sleep, oh yes I will.

I’ll point out that both Roscoe & Spike have similarly busy days planned. In many places, our schedules overlap.

And now, I must be off to face the day! More bloggage later.

A Day For Heading Home

So yesterday was fun and very tiring. Seminars all went well and the “…And That’s When It All Went South On Us” one was at times hilariously funny. Sometimes when Questers screw the pooch, it just goes all slapsticky.

The “What’s New At ManDog Game Design” seminar was very well attended and Roscoe & I got asked a whole bunch of questions while also getting some great feedback.

We came in fifth in the “Great Quest Design Challenge”, which was a whole lot harder than you’d think. Not sure if I want to try that again.

The “Goblins On Broadway!” Quest was funny, deadly and chock full of singing and dancing, sometimes by the goblins. Grace & Mary joined Spike & I for it, along with Avis, Gigi and our friends Dan & Dave. A fun time was had by all, even those of us who got shot multiple times.

The drinking and chatting were fun and possibly quite lucrative. More on that another day.

So we are all heading out in about half an hour. Roscoe and I will take the train home and Spike will Wizard Portal back to Baltimore. It will be good to get home.

And speaking of home, it’s where I’ll be staying put for at least the next 60 days. I’ve got a very full plate of Quest Designing, Daddying, Gentleman Farmering, Husbanding, Grandfathering and Convention Planning. Because of all that, I won’t be blogging for awhile.

I will get back to this, possibly before heading off to Origins in mid-July. Of course, that’s assuming that I don’t get hijacked by Wizards or the United Nations for some crazy crap like helping stop a war or trying to make the Little Folk stay in Ireland.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I’ll see y’all here again soon. Doc Cross over and out.


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