Not In This Issue: Red Pandas, LOLcats or Humorous Basset Hounds

…but I’m sure they’ll all be back soon



The Doclopedia will start back up on August 21st! This year, my self imposed challenge is 750 entries in 365 days! Yes, that is indeed just over two entries per day. Yes, I may well have finally gone ’round the bend. While I plan on revisiting several Doclopedia themes (The Alphabet, Dogs & Cats Living Together, The Rise Of The…), I’ve got a lengthy list of new theme ideas, too.


Not only will I be doing hella Doclopedia entries, but I’ll also be doing another Reader Assisted Fiction Piece, and this one will have even more reader input than Amnesia & Magic does. Date and everything else TBA.

I’ll also be once more diving headlong into NaNoWriMo, so that pretty much shoots my November in the ass.

I’ll also be doing a bit of writing for roleplaying stuff. Actually, that has already started. Just need to finish it by November or so.

There may even be some other writing projects popping up through the year. Depends on how far I can get ahead on Doclopedia stuff.

So there you go, Gentle Readers, me trying to kill myself at the old word processor. Enjoy.


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