Rabbi Bob Steals A Pig

…not sure why, cos he sure as hell wasn’t gonna eat it.


Day 6 (Con Day 2): In which I do my annual attempt at suicide by GMing, Grace rides a horse and Mary & I rap about teddy bears.

Most of my Friday was spent thusly…

8:00 am: Ran the two hour Toon game “Robot Rampage”

10:00 am: Participated in the “This Ought To Be A Game” panel. Many of the ideas the audience tossed out were very good.

11:10 am: Joined my musical partner in crime, Mary, to stand in the middle of the Dealer’s Room and do a Run DMC inspired version of “Teddy Bear’s Picnic”. Yes, we pretty much stopped traffic for 3 minutes.

11:20 am: Eat Mexican food brought to me by Zach.

Noon: Ran the four hour D&D game “Castle In The Desert”. Much fun was had and those players will fear sand for years to come.

4:00 pm: Lead the panel at the “OK, So Tell Me About Your Character” seminar. This one is always a mix of torture and joy. Thank goodness for the three minute per person time limit.

5:00 pm: Ran another two hour Toon Game. This one was “Kill The Wabbit?”. Nobody managed to kill the wabbit.

7:00 pm: Dinner at “Thai One On!”. We husbands & friends dutifully listened to Avis, Caroline, Grace & Mary complain about their butts hurting after a long horse ride. Lauren did not complain and, in fact, was ready to ride a horse again.

8:00 pm: Ran the six hour steampunk adventure “Agents & Empires!”, with Brian, Avis and Caroline among the players. It was action packed and stuff.

2:00 am: Sleep, wonderful sleep.

Grace’s day was a mix of gaming, visiting various pet exhibitions and going on a three hour horseback tour with most of the female contingent of our party. They all really enjoyed it, except the part about the sore butts.

The critters had another fun day of gaming, pet amusement parks and other activities.

(Lucy: We ate pet style pizzas!)

(Sadie: Oh man, those were good. My tummy was happy.)

(Sasha: I’m glad we ate ’em after the trip to the water park.)

(Leon: Pizza with fish & shrimp! Daddy like!)

(Flash: I might have to nap for a day or two.)

(Abby: Who knew a veggie pizza could be so good?)

(Bea: Man, that thick crust was the bomb.)

More bloggage tomorrow, which is Spa Day for all of us.

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