The Care And Feeding Of Your New Lamprey

…try to keep it away from your face


The Doclopedia #1,025

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: Reggie And Her Mobile Steam Cannon


From the remains of a coded message sent to the Prime Minister of England from an unknown agent in India, November 4, 1878

name is Reggie and I doubt if she is even 25 years old. It is readily apparent that she is white and British, but she takes great pains to try and sound American or French. Dresses in strange costumes and gives fiery speeches to the rebels. Sometimes wears armor that looks like”

The cannon seems to be powered by steam and has a range twice that of our best. It can fire up to 6 rounds in rapid succession, said rounds being highly destructive to both men and property. It is a very quiet weapon when compared to”

is mobile, moving under it’s own power at anywhere from a rapid walk to as fast as a horse can gallop. Our engineers say it is not possible, but the evidence”

25,000 Indians shouting her name. She treats them like equals and is much beloved by them. Her network of spies is large and it is believed that she may have converted some of our soldiers to her”

cannon fire reduced the fort to rubble in under an hour. 3,000 dead and another 1,000 taken prisoner. If she is not stopped”

unconfirmed rumors that her name is Regina Fellowes, possibly from Liverpool. Suggest that you”

as cannon fire is now striking nearby. Reports of possibly 75,000 Indian warriors massing east of here. Will attempt to get another report sent from Delhi.”


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