Slippery Dugongs Mocked My Weasels

…they were so sad:(


The Doclopedia #1,029

For A Good Time, Call…: Joey The Bug

When visiting Outland Station 5 for the first time, the neophyte traveler (and even a good many experienced travelers) will find it advantageous to seek out the well known local character known as Joey the Bug.

Joey is indeed an insectoid, a member of the HrroooOnnn race. Resembling a cross between an ant and a beetle, he’s the fellow who knows how to find what you need, be it a good place to eat & drink, reliable transport out into the Frontier or any of several other services.

(NOTE: The author and publisher of this guide do not condone any activities that violate Galactic Law.)

Joey’s rates are fair and, in many cases, negotiable. He prefers to be paid in Galactic Creds, but will not turn down gems, precious metals, Telk Spice, live feeth or other valuable items.

(NOTE: The author and publisher of this guide do not condone the possession or trading of materials or devices forbidden by Galactic Law.)

To find Joey the Bug, go to the Oxmium Saloon of the corner of 333rd Street and Yurn War Avenue. Tell any bartender there that you are looking for Joey, then order a Novarian Ale and wait.


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