The Rare And Beautiful Stinking Fern Of Potawango Island

…they smell just like rotten eggs.

The Doclopedia #1,042

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: The Great Gooey God

1: If you stare at him, you’ll go insane.

2: If you touch him, you’ll go insane.

3: If you hear him speak, you’ll go insane.

4: If he looks at you , you’ll go insane.

5: If you make a sacrifice to him, you’ll probably go insane.

6: If you approach him without a sacrifice, you’ll go insane, then he’ll eat you.

7: If you burp, fart or lose bowel control in his presence, he will be pleased and reward you. Later, you’ll go insane.

8: If you approach him with fear in your heart, you won’t have time to go insane before he squashes you.

9: NEVER bring gold anywhere near him!

10: If you even think something like “Holy crap, is he ever disgusting looking” in his great & gooey presence, you’ll go insane.


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