Pieboy Has An Encounter With Mexican Jenny

…afterward, there was chafing to deal with


The Doclopedia #1,043

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: The Doclopedia

1: There is some version of it on 240,975,398 versions of Earth.

2: It is very near to achieving sentience.

3: There are Classified Themes that you will never see.

4: On 78,000 Earths, it is the basis of major religions.

5: On 193,006 Earths, it has been made into television shows. Movies, novels, etc.

6: You think it’s all fictional. You are wrong.

7: On most Earths, it is the only place you can read about deep fried fleems or AirCat!

8: It really enjoys a good milkshake.

9: If you read the PornEarth version, you’d never have sex again.

10: It’s gluten free!


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