Riding Off Into The Setting Suns

…all three of them


The Doclopedia #1,044

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: Magical Girls

1: All Magical Girls are cute, even the naughty ones.

2: Their familiars can be anything from cats to rabbits to talking dolls to ambulatory shrubs.

3: Magical Girls always dress in the same three color combination, with each Magical Girl having different colors.

4: Magical Girls just love cookies and cute boys.

5: Unless they are REALLY naughty, Magical Girls hate evil things.

6: All Magical Girls wield very powerful magic, but…

7: …not all of them have great control of it.

8: Magical Girls sometimes become dangerously nervous in the presence of really cute boys.

9: Every Magical Girl has a distinct weakness.

10: Magical Girls usually don’t get along well with Science Girls.

The Doclopedia #1,045

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About…: The Towers Of Mars

1: The tallest rises up 10 kilometers.

2: The shortest rises up 7.5 kilometers.

3: There are 30 of them equally spaced around the Martian equator.

4: The Chinese exploratory mission got halfway up the Shortest tower before contact was lost with them.

5: Every 21 days, all of the towers emit a short burst of static electricity.

6: Although they are all made of the same white material, each one is covered in a different design.

7: Of the 5 missions to explore the towers, only the second US/Canadian team got back alive. All of the rest were lost without recovery.

8: Once a year, all of the towers hum for a full hours. No measurable effect has ever been found before, during or after the humming.

9: The only examples of life on Mars, the black grass ecosystem, are found circling the base of each tower out to 300 meters.

10: It has been found that the towers extend at least 3 kilometers below the Martian surface.