Doc Tempest VS Doc Tempest

…from the January 1958 issue


The Doclopedia #1,054

Islands of Adventure: Lake Island

On Earth 23, there is an island in the South Atlantic named Lake Island. The very mountainous place get the name from the dozen good sized lakes found in valleys high up in the mountains. Although these Alpine valleys are beautiful and peaceful places, the coastline teems with pirates and the forests are home to mountain bears, blackwolves, pine snakes and a host of other creatures not at all afraid of humans.

Very few outsiders make it up to the valleys, but when they do, they find lovely subtropical areas thanks to the geothermal activity inside the mountains. Here dwell the delicate Yiti people and the amphibian Wokar. Animals include azure apes, dragon cats, silver eagles and ethrunts. In the lakes are pygmy walrus, lemonfish, lake serpents, red salmon, jet turtles and puffer minnows.

These valleys are the only known homes to many species of trees like the twisted pine and the black aspen. Along the many streams, you can find glass grass and sparkleberries.

Less than 2,000 humans live in the dozen valleys and they like it that way. Any interloper who doesn’t fit in will soon be disposed of.

Lake Island is 168 miles long and from 23 to 51 miles wide. The mountains rise over a mile and are very steep.