Please Don’t Feed The Tenrecs

…they eat too much as it is


The Doclopedia #1,059

Islands of Adventure: Maze Island

On a few of the Fantasy Earths, you’ll find Maze Island just about 20 miles off the coast of whatever city-state is the crowning jewel of human civilization. It’s a very interesting place.

Maze Island is just that, a huge maze 20 miles on a side. The walls rise up 30 feet tall and the distance between them can be as wide as a mile or as narrow as 5 feet. All of the maze walls are 5 feet thick and made of some form of ceramic that is impervious to harm and unclimbable. Inside the maze, no spell or gadget can get you over a wall or out of the maze. There is one door in and one door out. The exact placement of these two doors changes daily.

Both the island and the maze were built for one reason: to train adventurers. Since, on the worlds that have a Maze Island, there are many unexplored places and much riches to be found, kings and queens and other wealthy people employ adventuring parties to go out and explore new lands and bring back big loot. To ensure that they get the best adventurers they can, the Adventurers League commissioned the construction of Maze Island just over a century ago.

Maze Island is not just a big maze, no sir. It is inhabited by all manner of creatures and some of them have set up villages, farms, etc. By far the most common sentients are Orcs. They have at least 9 villages and a full sized town. After Orcs, you’ll find goblins and lizard men to be the most populous.

Parts of the maze are underground and another part seems to be underwater. While most the maze is fields and forests, there are ruins, graveyards, a lake and a good sized swamp. It should also be noted that every month, these places can move to new areas.

Most groups entering the maze can expect about a 35% death rate and an average time to completion of 3 weeks, 5 days. Any group that emerges intact can command top dollar for their services.