Wicked Voles Yelled At My Salamander

…and they were loud!


The Doclopedia #1,060

Lost Letters: From A Friend To A Hero

Dearest Frodo & Company,

I hope this letter gets to you, because I have found a safe passage into Mordor and, in fact, right into Mount Doom. I came across it in an ancient text. It seems that just a few miles northeast of Osgiliath, in the hills, there is an ancient tower. Just nearby is the entrance to a long, yet utterly safe, tunnel that leads straight into Mount doom. A long hike, it is true, but the tunnel is safe from evil and detection by Sauron. Take plenty of food & water and you’ll be in and out in less that a fortnight! I’ve enclosed a map and the special words needed to open the tunnel. Hopefully, this will reach you before you get to the Misty Mountains. Good Luck!

Your Friend,

The Librarian of Rivendell


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