Super Magic Girl Battles The Demons Of Doom

…it’s been awhile since I did fake anime

The Doclopedia #1,071

Tiny Folk: Optan Leaper

Even among the Tiny Folk, there are individuals who possess powers that most people don’t. The big difference is that the tiny super powered individuals don’t feel the need for costumes and secret identities.

One such person is Optan Leaper, a young fellow who can jump ten times farther than any other Tiny Person. Actually, with a running start, he can leap even greater distances. Optan uses his power to help not only his community, but other Tiny Folk and any animals in distress.

A member of the Deep Forest Clan, Optan gained his leaping abilities at an early age while leaping from tree to tree and rock to rock. He has been quite instrumental in helping his clan move up into the higher branches of the great redwoods that make up most of the forest. It’s a pretty good life up there, with far fewer predators than there are on the forest floor.

Optan is single and lives with his family and his faithful flying squirrel, Skwizz. Many a young lady from his clan has her eye on him, but he’s not ready to settle down yet.


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