The Book Of Misinformation

…all the bullshit in one place!


The Doclopedia #1,072

Tiny Folk: Gwilla Sharpaxe

In the area that humans call Death Valley, the Tiny Folk of the Red Hand Clan live a hard life. Besides the great heat and the scarcity of water, they must constantly battle scorpions, ants, snakes and other creatures that try to invade their tunnel homes.

The greatest warrior of the Red Hand Clan is Gwilla Sharpaxe. She stands a whopping 7 inches tall and wields a razor sharp axe made of stainless steel. Her armor is also made of stainless steel, as is her shield. This has earned her the nickname “Shining Death”.

Gwilla has killed more scorpions than anyone else in the clan and has the heads of five rattlesnakes mounted around her front door. Rumor has it that she even fought off a wild pig once. As you might imagine, Gwilla is given great respect by her clan.

Gwilla is 30 years old and married to Yanda Maker, the greatest inventor of Red Hand Clan history. They have two children.


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