Eyeball Creatures Are In Your Closet




The Doclopedia #1,073

Tiny Folk: Duuvi Boater

In the Land of 1,000 Lakes, even the Tiny Folk get around by boat much of the time. The most skilled waterman of all is Duuvi Boater, a member of the Moose Hill Clan.

Duuvi and his siblings, children and friends have built nearly three dozen watercraft of various types, ranging from barges to canoes to sailboats. They haul both freight and passengers on the Four Round Lakes, the largest of which is nearly two miles across. The safety record of Duuvi’s operation is impressive, even in the treacherous late fall and early spring months.

You might think that the boating business would stop when the lakes freeze over in winter, but you’d be wrong. Duuvi and his eldest daughter, Jeji, figured out how to put metal runners on some of the sailboats and can now race them across the ice at great speed. This means that winter deliveries of goods are even faster than in the summer.

Duuvi stands 5.5 inches tall and has weathered brown skin. He is 55 years old and married to Luuza Baker. They have 5 children, all of whom are in the boating business.

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