The 33 Things You Probably Should Never Eat

…#8: Barium Biscuits



The Doclopedia #1,074

Tiny Folk: Sandri Dogfriend

All Tiny Folk can, to some degree, speak with animals. Not all animals, but usually mammals and birds. A few can speak very well to one or two species in particular. Very rarely, you’ll find one who can speak perfectly well with one species. Sandri Dogfriend is one of those rare people.

Born and raised in Los Angeles as part of the Venice Beach Clan, Sandri has been able to speak fluent Canine (yes, she can also converse with wolves, coyotes and foxes) since she was 3 years old. She is well known and loved among the Canine population of the Los Angeles area. She can often be seen (assuming you are allowed to see her) riding around on one dog or another, often many miles from Venice Beach.

Sandri helps the dogs stay out of trouble and the dogs not only protect any Tiny Folk they meet, but help bring the various Clans items they can use. If you are in L.A. and see a dog carrying a ball of twine or a toy or small bits of wood, they are probably headed for a Tiny Folk village.

Recently, Sandri has taken to traveling around with a Pitbull named Clarence and a couple of border terriers named Mazey and Lacey. They are helping the North Hollywood Clan build a new tunnel city in the hills nearby. Having a couple of terriers to do your excavation is a great thing. Having a Pitbull to stand guard is also very nice.

Sandri is 5.75 inches tall and 21 years old. She has red hair and blue eyes and often dresses in outfits sewn from cast off bandanas. She is not married, preferring to have a few boyfriends.


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