The Deal With The Turks Went Better Than Expected

…nobody got shot and we all went out for drinks.



The Doclopedia #1,075

Tiny Folk: Livanto Builder

In a long abandoned Underground station beneath London, the Queen’s Own Nation of the Tiny Folk have built a huge (by their standards) town. Since the station measures more than 40 meters long by 22 meters wide by 10 meters high (not counting nearly 120 meters of tunnel that they haven’t built into yet) and is built from floor to ceiling in many spots, it can hold a couple thousand Tiny Folk.

The Head of Construction in this marvelous underground world is Livanto Builder, a master of both the planning and execution of building projects. At any given time, upwards of 200 people work for him. On really big projects, like the Northside Greenhouse, he will employ a hundred more.

Livanto has been in charge of building housing blocks, schools, a hospital and the newly rebuilt lighting system. His crack staff includes Master Scroungers, Architects, assorted skilled craftsmen and even a couple of Tiny Folk/Human liaisons. These last have been very important in helping to get some of the more difficult building materials.

Recently, Livanto has been involved in talks with the Town Council about expanding out into the sealed off tunnels. He has plans for a park and a second hospital, along with newer and larger apartment blocks. He’s even got plans to install a big screen television for use as a movie theater.

Livanto is 50 years old and married. He has three sons, all of whom work in construction. In his spare time, Livanto likes watching American western movies and cricket matches.


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