How To Talk To Your Cat About Drugs

…don’t bother, because cats don’t need drugs



The Doclopedia #1,076

Tiny Folk: Khara Sandflyer

In the desert southwest of the United States, where Little Folk enclaves are mostly found in or near human settlements, there are a few hearty tribes that prefer to live out in the arid regions. One of these is the Five Lizards Tribe and they are the home tribe of Khara Sandflyer, one of the most daring of all Little Folk.

Always an adventurous child possessed of a creative mind, Khara cobbled together an old human child’s toy, a piece of cloth, some twine and a few old tongue depressors into what she calls a sandflyer. The result looks like a surfboard with four big wheels, a sail and bunch of ropes. With a decent breeze, the sandflyer can reach speeds of 15 miles an hour, which most Tiny Folk think is an insane speed for such an obvious deathtrap. With a good desert wind, Khara can hit 40 miles an hour. Most of her tribe think she is suicidal.

Khara loves racing across the desert on her sandflyer and has recently started doing tricks with it, such as jumps, spins and even grinds along rocks. Of course, she often gets so caught up in her exploits that she ends up many miles from home. Fortunately, she has excellent survival skills. Recently, she has been thinking of heading west on her sandflyer. She’d like to see the ocean.

Khara is 19 years old and is short for a Tiny Person, standing only 5 inches tall. She has brown hair, very tanned skin and is quite thin. Her mother despairs of Khara ever finding a husband.


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