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The Doclopedia #1,082

Wait…What?: Herr Muller

Oh, how we all loved Herr Muller! He was the kindest man in town, always giving out candy to children and helping the elderly and taking in injured animals. He was a pillar of the community.

It was Herr Muller, Manfred to his many friends, who helped raise money for the new hospital wing. He also gave the town the land for a new park and playground. He always said that it was up to each of us to do everything we could to help others.

Many of the women in town tried to lure Herr Muller into marriage, but he never married. It was said this was because he had lost the great love of his life during the war. He never had children, but used to say that all of the children of the town were “his kids”.

He lived in a nice house down near the river. It had wonderful gardens that he encouraged people to visit. At night, he would sometimes sing at the tavern or play cards with the other men or attend plays or concerts. Other nights, he would just stroll about or stay at home to feast upon the well rotted flesh of vagrants before a night of watching television. He enjoyed American detective shows.

In 1975, Manfred Muller moved away to spend his old age living in the south of France, after the tragic fire that burned his house to the ground. As he wished, the town turned his property into another park.