6 Old Men VS The Cows From Mars

…they kicked those bovine asses.

The Doclopedia #1,089

The Alphabet: D is for…

Doom Flowers

Coming out of New York, the Doom Flowers were one of the first all female punk rock bands in the United States. Using only the names of flowers to identify themselves, Lily (guitar, vocals), Rose (guitar, vocals), Violet (bass) & Poppy (drums) played hard edged punk with feminist lyrics. They toured North America twice and Europe once before they mysteriously vanished. Even now, 30 years later, nobody knows what became of them beyond what was said in their note left on the front door of ABC No Rio.

Hey everybody,

We are done with music. Won’t be back ever. Women, fight back!

Doom Flowers

The band left behind their three albums: “Doom Flowers Will Kill You”, “Be A Bitch” and “Doom Flowers Live”.

Dr. Spoone

Dr. Willard Spoone was born in Surrey, England, in 1926. His early life was so ordinary as to be boring, as was his years at university. But after he moved from England to Brazil, things got much more interesting.

While operating a clinic in the Amazon, Dr. Spoone noticed that the people from one village had amazing healing factors. Minor cuts healed almost overnight, broken bones healed perfectly in a week and few of the villagers ever got sick. When asked, the villagers could only say that it was from eating the fruit of a certain very old tree.

Naturally, Dr. Spoone got some of this fruit and ate it. He felt revitalized and collected even more, sure that he could increase the effects. After several days work, he had a highly concentrated liquid, which he drank. The effects were not what he expected.

Within seconds, he was gripped with a madness that caused him to run out into the jungle screaming. As he ran, he grew until he was 15 feet tall and barely human looking. His strength was great, even for his size and he destroyed a large swath of jungle, including the mysterious tree that the fruit had come from.

Eventually, the creature that had been Dr. Spoone made it to a city, where the police and military tried to kill him. Eventually, they used high voltage electricity to stun, but not kill him. He remained stunned for days, but then escaped and made his way to the sea, where he sank below the surface and could not be found.

After that, Dr. Spoone would pop up in different parts of the world, always in a mad rage and always impossible to kill. A few times, he has been stunned, but always comes around later, destroying his holding facility and escaping. Nothing used so far seems able to kill him, but if he ever turns up in a remote area, nuclear weapons might be used.


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