How To Clean And Groom Your Yeti

…first off, hire somebody else to do it


The Doclopedia #1,094

Alt. Television: The Incredible Hulk

In our world, The Incredible Hulk was a successful television series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. It departed from the comic books quite a bit, but was still well accepted by fans. It was the very best of Marvel’s television adaptations.

But in another reality, the program was even more successful and was much closer to the comic books in many ways, including having the Hulk speak, having super heroes & villains appear and having Banner/Hulk be pursued by the secret military organization run by General Ross. The character of reporter Jack McGee also pursued Banner and like him, had to avoid General Ross. Bruce Banner had only two people he could trust, Betty Ross, who loved him, and Rick Jones, who was consumed by guilt over what happened to Banner when he saved Rick from the gamma bomb.

The series had a larger budget than in our world and allowed for not only more special effects (the Hulk leaping for miles or knocking a super enemy through a building, for example), but for other super characters from the comics. It also meant that Lou Ferrigno got better makeup and a better wig.

Villains from the comics that appeared on the show included the Abomination, the Leader, Mr. Hyde, The Glob and various Hulkbuster robots/cyborgs. The supervillain episodes generally made up about half of a season, with the remaining episodes being more like the ones our world saw.

A few Marvel superheroes made appearances in the series, most notably Thor (minus most of his storm generating powers), Iron Man (a non flying version), Captain America and Doctor Strange (who got his own very weird and very popular series in the 80’s).

The series ran for 5 years, but had a made for tv movie every 2-3 years for the next two decades.


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