You Can’t Trust A Smiling Demon

…you also can’t trust the frowning, laughing, crying, sleeping, thoughtful or amused demons

The Doclopedia #1,105

The Alphabet: O is for…


…are found in most realities where there is Magic. In about 4 out of 5 of these worlds, ogres are big and ugly and very often not very bright. They tend to be violent and enjoy smashing up both property and other sentients. A very few will turn into stone when exposed to sunlight, but on most worlds, they can function in the daylight just fine.

On that fifth out of five worlds, ogres are different in some way. Examples would be the really large, but very smart, ogres on Earth 17. They can and do learn Magic, but they aren’t particularly violence prone.

The ogres of a few other realities are not ugly, but merely homely. They stand a foot or so taller than the average human and pretty much have ordinary societies.

The ogres of Earth 109 are a strange mix of common ogre and predatory alien. Fortunately, they are really big and noisy, which makes them easy to kill.

The Doclopedia #1,106

The Alphabet: P is for…

Paulette 3K3

…is the most famous AI actress on Earth 88. She has won dozens of awards and starred in the long running webseries “Yellow World”. Her movies include “This Time, It’s Personal”, “Daughters & Moms”, “Cybernalia” and the 2110 remake of “Gone With The Wind”.

When she is not acting, Paulette 3K3 lives on her personal island paradise somewhere in Cybersea Beta. She is married to the well known game star, Drake Gunner, star of the “Guns & Monsters” game series.

The Doclopedia #1,107

The Alphabet: Q is for…

Questioning Beast

…is, to be totally honest, one of the most annoying creatures you’ll ever encounter. Thanks the 56 Gods it’s only found on the Earth where humans all have blue skin.

If you’ve ever been around a small child who constantly asks you questions that quickly devolve into repeated uses of the word “Why?”, you’ve got a good idea of what the Questioning Beast is like. The main difference is that small children don’t weigh two tons and it doesn’t kill and eat you if you stop answering their questions. On the other hand, when the small child gets bored and walks away, it doesn’t poop out several thousand dollars worth of gold nuggets. Of course, the Questioning Beast does often ask much more complex questions to begin with, so you earn your gold.

The Questioning Beast wanders the world cloaked by a stealth field that renders it invisible and soundless. It only drops this field to ask a question. The humans of that particular Earth tend to be a bit jumpy, but they also tend to be very well read.