The 87 Things That You Need To Know About Crocodiles

…#6: Never pull their tail


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Creature Features: The Son In Law Of Frankenstein

Made in 1967 for less than fifty thousand dollars, “The Son In Law of Frankenstein” was written, produced, directed and starred legendary budget movie maker SamRay Wood in the title role. Other money saving casting came in the form of Nancy Olden, Wood’s then wife, as his film wife, Greta Frankenstein, and several friends in other roles. The monster, who only appears in the last 15 minutes of the 90 minute film, was played by a UCLA football player who remains anonymous to this day.

The plot finds earnest young American scientist Sam Brown traveling to Europe where he meets Greta Frankenstein, youngest child of Wolf Frankenstein, from the movie “Son of Frankenstein”. They fall in love, he finds the notes of her father & grandfather and the rest is totally predictable.

The entire movie took 21 days to shoot and, as with other Wood films, used sets that were made up of stuff scrounged from places like old movie sets, thrift stores and the local dump. The lighting is often poor, as is the sound. The acting ranges from poor to terrible and the monster makeup probably cost less than $30.

The film opened in drive ins across the country on June 17th, 1968 and made all of it’s money back in the first three weeks. Unfortunately, it was pulled from theaters after being out a month because of a lawsuit over using the name Wolf Frankenstein. It took two months for Wood to straighten things out by re-dubbing the name “Wolf” to “Walter”, at which point he re-released it to far fewer theaters, but still ended up with profits over thirty thousand dollars. Three years later, he sold the television rights for another fifteen thousand.

Today, “The Son In Law of Frankenstein” is a favorite of bad movie fans and often highlights trash movie festivals.