New Recipe: Baked Apples, Or, If You Prefer, Baked PCs

…sorry, Linux users, but baked linux boxes just ain’t funny


The Doclopedia #1,145

Magical Masks: Spider-Mask

The origin of this mask is totally unknown, although it is rumored that the Sorcerer Supreme might have some insight into it, if one could ask him. Which one can’t, so forget it, students.

The mask in question is a simple cloth affair designed to fully cover the head and extend down a bit towards the upper chest. It seems to have been treated with a waterproofing and has large eye coverings made of a substance that provides mirroring on the outside, yet is quite clear from the inside. Quite remarkable, really. The mask is red with a black spiderweb pattern. It is in all other ways very ordinary.

But should you don this mask, students, you would leave the ordinary behind you, for it grants amazing powers. First off, you would find that you have become very strong…ogre strong, at least. You will also be very tough and as agile & speedy as an elven thief might only dream of being. Like a spider, you will be able to climb up walls and even walk on ceilings! Most amazing of all, you will become possessed of a “danger sense” that warns you of attacks a second before they come! Given your now enhanced speed and agility, this can save your life.

Now, before you all go out hunting for this mask, you must know that using it has a price. You will begin to attract a large and very odd array of enemies, your personal life will be filled with troubles and your family & friends will often become imperiled.

And no, I have not the slightest clue where the mask might be found.


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