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The Doclopedia #1,146

Magical Masks: The iMask

I must state at the outset that I am not convinced that this mask is actually magical. Oh yes, I know that Professors Higgenwacker and Bloomadrog consider it some form of exotic magic, possibly from the area of Hidden Vosh or maybe Upper Thurvessala, but having examined and, yes, even worn the mask, I am convinced that it was created in another reality and is the product of science!

Oh really, do calm down, you nervous chickens! We live with science every day and the thought that it might someday supplant magic in our world is absurd. But even if it did, it might not be such a terrible thing. Heresy, Mr. Avboso? Perhaps, but far more likely just a simple fact. Now do calm down, all of you.

This mask, a plain white thing made in the style of a domino mask and composed of some strange material that is neither metal nor glass, is clearly named on it’s outer surface right next to the small rainbow apple insignia. It can confer vast amounts of information on the wearer. Why, in just the few minutes I wore it, it relayed the local time, temperature, distance I walked, my blood pressure & heart rate, the direction I was facing and offered to allow me to play a game in which I ran a farm. It also played music of a type I have never before heard, but which had a very infectious beat. Truly remarkable. It is a pity that the High Council decided to lock it away in the Tower of Forbidden Magicks. Perhaps one day they might let it be examined more thoroughly.