Milk For The Mongoose

...for his cornflakes The Doclopedia #1,168 Murder By...: Books “Yes, YES, I killed her! I admit it and I'm glad I did she's dead! It was always “I'm reading blah blah blah” or “So and so is doing a book signing” or “I've preordered such and such titles”. All she ever talked about were friggin' … Continue reading Milk For The Mongoose

Garlic In The Laundry

...I forgot that it was in my pocketThe Doclopedia #1,165Fish Of the Day: Walking LungsharkSomewhere on Earth 88 there might be a more terrifying fish than the Walking Lungshark, but we are damned if we know what it might be.Combining aspects of the lungfish, walking catfish and great white shark, these 20 foot long eating … Continue reading Garlic In The Laundry