Junior Muskrat Gets A Pig

…or did the pig get him? hmmm…


The Doclopedia #1,147

Magical Masks: The UnMask

Students, this mask, a very plain affair made of cotton cloth, should only be donned by the bravest of the brave. You see, once this mask is on a face, it shows the wearer as he or she truly is in their heart of hearts. And not just facially, oh no. The entire body might change, and often does. Some examples…

A rather plain and overweight young man put on the mask and those who beheld him were astounded to see him transform into a strong and gentle featured man who fairly radiated kindness and good will.

The former Queen of Barsania put on the mask and was revealed to be a cruel woman filled with hatred. She was very ugly.

The great knight, Sir Gillom of Trant was revealed to be a beautiful young woman. Everyone was taken aback by this, but Sir Gillom burst into tears and cried out “No more the lie!”

And then, years later, I donned the mask. You do not want to know what sort of person had a fat middle aged Scholar/Wizard inside them.

Oh, yes, excellent guess, Miss Plimator, the changes wrought by the mask are permanent.


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