The Tibetan Book Of The Dad

…one of the lesser known works.


The Doclopedia #1,148

Magical Masks: The Last Mask You Will Ever Wear

Yes, students, we will indeed be ending this series of lectures with the legendary Death Mask, the last mask you will ever wear. Oh my, I do believe that we have broken the record for faintings. Do count them up, Kilby. I’d like to take the record away from old Gwervenhurst.

Now if you will all compose yourselves, I’ll go on. Yes, this is the real Death Mask, which has kindly agreed to be here today. We thank it for indulging us.

As you all know, the Death Mask seeks out Wizards who are about to die and steals their faces at the moment of death. Given that many of us die in ways that are very sudden and leave no body afterward, the Death Mask has to operate very quickly. Often, there are several Wizards dying at once, which makes the need for alacrity even more pressing. Such was the case 47 years ago when Wizard Sah Javonicus and his friends tried to perfect the Constant Fireball spell that created the crater that now holds Javonicus Lake on our south campus.

The Death Mask was created somewhere in the old Kingdom of Trahappa about 2,500 years ago. As with today, it’s sole purpose was to obtain the faces of every Wizard born, once they were done with them. What? Oh yes, Mr. Kwin, this does extend to those vile Wizards that ascend to lichdom, thus explaining why all of them are so skeletal and ugly.

Where these faces are kept is a mystery that, we are told by the ancient Book Of The End, will only be revealed to the Last Wizard just before all Magick leaves our world. It is rumored…and I stress, RUMORED…that these faces are still alive, though in a deathlike slumber. One wonders what they might have to tell that Last Wizard when finally he meets them.


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