Quails In The Flower Patch

…I think they were hiding


The Doclopedia #1,149

Fun Facts About Our Galaxy: The Clown Planet

Did you ever see that movie with the killer clowns from space? Well, this planet is like that, only worse. Thankfully, the homicidal blood & flesh consuming clowns that live here do not have space travel capabilities.

Nobody knows how this planet came to be so fucked up, but it didn’t happen naturally. Almost every mammalian, avian and reptilian species was purposely mutated to look goofy and be dangerous as hell. Even some of the fish are screwed up.

The Clownoids are creepy bastards at the best of times, but when they decide to go on a killing spree, which they do pretty damned often, they redline the Creepmeter. They kill each other for food, but that is offset by their rapid reproduction. What they really love to eat is other sentient species, but they seldom get a chance now that their planet is on the No Contact list.

Take our advice and stay away from here.

The Doclopedia #1,150

Fun Facts About Our Galaxy: Rogue Planet 33

There are tens of thousands of rogue planets out there, planets that got cast out of their home systems by any number of disasters and are now wandering in interstellar space. These planets range from rocky little worlds the size of Mercury to enormous gas giants twice the size of Jupiter.

Fortunately, the several galaxy spanning civilizations of the Milky Way usually find and mine these worlds for everything from gases to minerals to preserved DNA. A few get destroyed because they are on dangerous paths towards inhabited systems. But Rogue Planet 33 is different, because sentients still live on it.

Deep below the frozen atmosphere and surface of the planet, millions of beings live in huge underground habitats, powered by fusion generators. These habitats contain cities, agricultural lands and even wilderness. They cover tens of thousands of square miles. Life is actually very good down there.

How these sentients knew that their planet was doomed and why they chose going underground rather that out into space is not known, but we do know that they did it 20,000 years ago. We also know that in roughly 500 years, the planet will enter the orbit of a star that will thaw it out. The Trans-Galactic Union has decided to guide the planet into an optimal orbit, then eventually contact the sentients and help them to rebuild their world. Until then, our only contact will be the microbots that we have installed inside their habitats so as to watch and learn about them.

The Doclopedia #1,151

Fun Facts About Our Galaxy: Vacation World

Hey there, oxygen breathing sentients, come visit us on Vacation World! We offer deluxe vacation packages that fit any budget! Choose from any of our 22 climatic zones and relax.

Our vacation packages cover all your lodging, meals, transportation and energy needs. Regardless of your age or sex, you’ll have a great time on Vacation World!

Our entire planet is geared towards your satisfaction! We have sports, adventure, relaxation, educational opportunities and just plain fun! 50,000,000,000,000,000 vacationers can’t be wrong!

For more information on Vacation World, or to plan your getaway, just check us out on GalNet 17.

Vacation World: Our name says it all!


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