Doctor Silkmelon Arranges An Exhibition

…of steam age robotics


The Doclopedia #1,152

Fun Facts About Our Galaxy: The Donut Planet

Shaped like a donut, hole in the center and all, the Donut Planet is one of the 15 “Mad Planets” created 750 million years ago by the race known only as “The Bwimuush”.

The planet is located 30 light years from the nearest naturally occurring star, but is lit and warmed by two small artificial “suns”. One of these is at the center of the donut hole while the other circles the outside of the donut. These suns are balls of fire on one side only. The other side resembles a typical moon and glows faintly.

It is a mystery as to exactly gravity and other physics work on this world, but that doesn’t stop scientists from all over the galaxy from discussing it, sometimes to the point of fisticuffs.

There is no sentient life on the Donut Planet, but it teems with life on the land and in the oceans. Oddly, some of this life almost certainly came from other planets in the past, including Earth.


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