OK, I Admit It! I Wrote The Book Of Love!

…now leave me alone.


The Doclopedia #1,153

Dolls: Asskicker Barbee

On Earth 15, where girls are raised to be just as tough as boys, the number one selling doll is Asskicker Barbee (followed closely by Crimefighter Barbee and GI Barbee). The doll comes dressed in regular street clothes and armed with a knife, a baseball bat and a 9mm pistol in a shoulder holster. She has several scars, including one on her face. Her hair is short.

Accessories include a pair of large attack dogs named Peaches & Sweetie, a big black SUV, assorted weapons (including a Light Anti-tank Weapon) and her friends Ninja Judee and Ultimate Fighter Freda. You can also buy Barbee’s Malibu Hideout.

The Doclopedia #1,154

Dolls: The Three Dolls Of Doom

These “dolls” are actually miniature foot tall golems created by the Mad Sorcerer of D’rodia. Each of them contains the living essence of a powerful demon.

The first doll is Death, who arranges for the best of good people to die in some horrible fashion. Sometimes, these deaths take years to set up. Sometimes, the plans get upset somehow, in which case, Death goes off to find another good person.

The second doll, Madness, finds people of great power and then slowly drives them mad. Often, this madness results in death, war and turmoil. Once the victim is totally insane, the doll leaves.

The final doll is Obsession. She causes her victim, usually a person of great wealth, to become obsessed with one thing or person. This object or person is always very distant or hard to locate or just plain inaccessible. The victim will spend every penny and destroy every relationship to get the object of their desire. Once they get it, Obsession leaves and within days, the now impoverished and friendless person loses all interest in it.


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