A Time For Apricots

…because YUM!


So, all of the “Murder By…” entries I’m putting up on the blog were suggested by my readers. I’ve done this several times before, to good effect. But now I want to try something different.

Starting today and running to the end of the month, I want YOU, Gentle Reader, to WRITE a Doclopedia entry for one of my tried & true themes: Dogs & Cats Living Together.

If you are unfamiliar with this theme, go look it up on the blog.

Here are the rules…

1: 1,000 words or less.

2: Send it to me via email at doccross@aol.com

3: If you post it here, I will delete it, unfriend you and block you for 90 days for being deliberately stupid.

4: I will post ALL of the submitted entries in July, assuming any of you actually do one.

5: There are no prizes

6: See rule #3 up there? It also applies to posting anywhere else, too. EMAIL IT!

7: There are no prizes for this.


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