Is It Just Me, Or Does Crab Rangoon Sound Like A 1960s Pro Wrestler?

…probably just me.


The Doclopedia #1,173

Those Furry Little Bastards!: At War

Well, Winston, it would seem that the Pitipati don’t like the Nazis or the Japanese any more than you or I do. I just got a report that says they have Hitler and his boys nearly insane with anger. Not that both of us can’t relate to that, eh?

Hahaha! Oh yes, I remember 1933 well. I thought those furry little bastards would never get bored and leave. Pity about Russia though. Still, we did try to tell them that their weapons wouldn’t work.

Now, I’m pulling back our forces on all fronts for a week or two to give the boys a rest and let the Pitipati do what they do so well. What’s that? Hahaha! Well that’s good news indeed. Every factory they lose is a winner for us.

Well, Winston, I’ve got to go meet with…wait…just got a report…well well, seems that our furry friends have gotten onto several Japanese ships. Report says the sailors are abandoning ship in droves. By God, this is turning out to be a good day!

Yes, same to you. We’ll talk again soon.”


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