Mr. Porkwaffle Cooks A Stew

…but not without humorous mishaps


The Doclopedia #1,174

Those Furry Little Bastards!: At A Gaming Convention

Doc: “Oh shit! The Pitipati are here at the con!”

Spike: “That ought to liven things up.”

Doc: “I reckon. Raising holy hell usually does liven things up.”

Mary: “Do you think they’ll paint people like they did on Halloween in Baltimore?’

Miranda: “Oh hell no! It took a week to wash off that purple paint.’

Doc: “Hey, look, they’re building a castle out of dice.”

Spike: “Much to the chagrin of the dice dealers.”

Doc: “Good workmanship. And man, are those little guys fast!”

Grace: “Hi, guys! What’s…OH NO! Not the Pitipati! They ruined our garden last year!”

Doc: “Well, not exactly ruined. They mostly just swapped out our veggies for other veggies.”

Grace: “They gave us seven more zucchini plants and replaced the watermelon vines with radishes. And they annoyed the dogs.”

Doc: “Well, everything small & furry annoys the dogs.”

Spike: “Look, they’ve started to do a LARP. Looks like Expedition To The Barrier Peaks.”

Doc: “Where the hell did they get the tiny armor and weapons?”


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