Godzilla Is My Co-Pilot

…and I try not to piss him off

Yes, Gentle Readers, I know this is only the second post this month. Things tend to slow down after the annual DogCon report, but this year it’s all made worse by the fact that I’m working 6 days a week. I won’t be back to 5 days a week until the last week of October, so bear with me.

To get more of me, in the writing and chatty sense, you can check me out on Facebook…


or on Ello, where I’m @doccross (Doc Cross)

or Twitter, where I am also @doccross

Also, on Facebook I have a group called 30 Days Wonder where I do writing/gaming experiments.

I have high hopes of being back on here soon with new Doclopedia entries, among other projects.

But until I get back to regular writing on WordPress,  here is a picture of my three basset hounds.
From left to right: Silky, Daisy & SashaIMG_20140629_084224


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