The Rare And Beautiful And Terrifying Octocobragator Of Potawango Island

…run away! For the love of Dog, run away!


So, Gentle Readers, I have some New Content for you. See, over on the 30 Days Wonder Facebook group, I do storytelling and gaming experiments. The current one involves me telling a story, but each day at the end of the segment, I ask readers for suggestions that influence the next days piece. I then choose the one I like best and use it.

Reprinted below are the first three parts of the story. Enjoy, and if you are on Facebook, check 30 Days Wonder out.

Sparrow, Sunny and the Return of Magic


Sparrow checks in all directions to see if anybody has seen her. Not that she figures many people would care about her spending the night in a cow pasture, but you never can tell with these small town folks. After rolling up her blanket and taking a couple of gulps from her canteen, she pours a bit of water in her hand and washes her face. Drying her eyes on her sleeve, she then digs around to get her Leatherman tool and the map out of her backpack.

She puts the Leatherman into her pocket, but leaves the compass and binocs in her pack. Finally, she takes out the map titled Elk, Pine and Willard Counties.

Checking the map, Sparrow notes that this is in fact Grove Point, a rather sleepy little town of 6,000 residents placed smack in between farm country and Elk Lake, a once popular tourist destination that has declined in recent decades thanks to Big Elk Reservoir 20 miles down the road and much closer to the interstate.

Taking a boosted granola bar from her pocket, Sparrow takes a bite and begins walking toward the main road. After climbing through the barbed wire fence, she looks up and down the road to make sure that nobody is approaching, then takes a deep breath and heads toward the road.

After climbing through the barbed wire fence, she looks up and down the road to make sure that nobody is approaching, then takes a deep breath and walks into the center of the road. There, she takes out the map, orients herself to the correct side of the road, and sits down crosslegged on the pavement, closing her eyes and stretching her arms, one in the direction from which she’d come and the other in the direction she intended to go.

Clearing her mind, she then says “By the Wondrous Winds of Warloo”. There follows a few moments where she feels like a dandelion seed in the wind, then the sensation of damp grass under her butt. When she opens her eyes, she is in the main city park in Grove Point. Nobody has seen her arrive.

The spell worked! Her Master would be so proud of her! Getting up, she brushes some grass off of her jeans and looks around. Across the street, she spots a Lenny’s. Sounds as good as anywhere to get some breakfast and a cup of joe.

As she heads off for some grub, she thinks about where she needs to be here in town at exactly 1:30 this afternoon.

More Story Later


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