The Girl With The Green Nipples Goes Crazy

…she may have been a bit stressed out

The Doclopedia #1,176

The Truth About Monsters: Orcs

The simple fact is, Orcs are mostly hard working beings who just want to live their lives with as few problems as possible. You know, just like every other sentient humanoid species with half a brain. The problem is, a few generations back, a bunch of lowlife assholes decided that they’d team up with some evil wizards and some redneck Goblins and try to take over a good sized piece of the free world.

There was a long and bloody war and by the time it was done, the whole Orcish brand had been drug through the shit pile. Humans, Elves & Dwarves started getting pretty hostile toward Orcs and over the course of a decade or two, the word Orc pretty much became a slur.

Of course, the fact that Orcs are ugly by Human/Elf/Dwarf standards didn’t help, nor did the Orcish language, which is guttural and harsh sounding. Add in the fact that Orcs tended to live in the places the other humanoids didn’t want and you have the makings of some pretty heavy prejudice.

That’s pretty much how things have been for Orcs for the last couple of centuries, at least in H/E/D heavy communities. But get out into the hinterlands and things aren’t so bad for Orcs. There are small towns where Orcs are a respected part of the community. They own businesses, farms, homes, etc. There is even a town, far to the west of the so called “civilized lands”, where an Orc is the mayor.

Remember that the next time you call somebody a dirty Orc.


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