Blue Moon Over Hot Jazz

… a painting by Lulu Cross


The Doclopedia #1,188

Even More Technobabble!: Genetically Engineered Symbiotic Cephalopod

If you are one of the countless sentient species who did not evolve opposable thumbs, fear not, help is on the way! Thanks to the genius of Low Dog Laboratories, now you can use tools and manipulate objects with precision using FOUR highly specialized tentacles! And, as an added bonus, you’ll find your brain power increased by up to 20%!

Yes, males & females, the Ottopus will change your lives. Developed by Dr. Sasha Jane Cross, this Genetically Engineered Symbiotic Cephalopod attaches to your back via the four super strong, yet gentle, tentacle that wrap around you like a harness. Then, after forming a psychic link with your mind, four remaining tentacles are yours to command. Each one of these tentacles has four smaller and fully opposable tentacles on the end, much like fingers, but far more flexible. Now you can climb, open jars, build things and carry up to 5 times your body weight!

Best of all, since the Ottopus uses such a small part of it’s brain, you get extra mind power and memory storage! Think deep thoughts and make long term plans! You’ve got brains to spare now!

The Ottopus comes in sizes from squirrel to blue whale and have the natural ability of octopi to mimic thousands of colors & textures. Click or call for a price quote today!


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