Chickens Who Just Don’t Care

…such a terrible attitude, even for poultry

The Doclopedia #1,195
Bats, Man: Bat People From Venus

Lovers of shlock movie maestro Ed Z. Corman can argue about which of his low budget movies is best, but they all agree that “Bat People From Venus” is his worst. Indeed, the 1958 film is so bad, it has a whole weekend long festival dedicated to it and it’s actually much better 1960 sequel, “Bat Women From Mars”.

Filmed in seven days in the town of Gold Beach, Oregon, the film had a total budget of $20,000. The cast were all unknowns and many also served as the crew on the shoot. The script, such as it was, kept getting revised by Corman’s brother, Stanley, right up to the last day.

The plot has to do with “bat people” invading a small town as a spearhed to a much larger invasion from Venus. They are eventually stopped by local teenagers, an old science teacher and a very smart dog (Sam, a German Shepherd that got paid $700, more than any other cast member).

The makeup, costumes and special effects were slightly less well done than your average fifth grade play. At about the halfway point, the actress playing “Batella” is replaced by the actresses younger sister. The switch is never mentioned in the film. The whole movie runs only 81 minutes and ends rather abruptly because the money had run out.

Despite all of that, the movie grossed nearly $250,000 and allowed Corman to spend nearly $60,000 on the sequel, which itself earned nearly half a million dollars.


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