Alien Goldfish Hunted My Springboks

…thank goodness they could only do it for a few seconds at a time.

The Doclopedia #1,197

Critter Avengers Choice: Daisy: The Adventures Of Doc Savage

On Earth 3B, this animated series (which alternates with “The Shadow” every 6 episodes) has been running for 15 years and gets high ratings. The visual style is very like the “Batman: The Animated Series” of our world, but more colorful. The voice acting is great, although none of the actors are known on our world.

About half of the stories told so far (of the 18 total 90 minute episodes per season) have been taken from the original Doc Savage stories (of which that world had 260) with the rest being completely new. The new stories have told about Doc or a member of the Fantastic Five as young folks, Doc & Co. in the 1950’s & 60’s and even a few with Doc in famous fictional lands (Pellucidar, Atlantis, Gotham City).

There have been episodes co-starring The Shadow, Batman, Sherlock Holmes, The Phantom and even a teenage James Bond. The 15th anniversary episode even featured a guy who looked and sounded a whole lot like the 16th Doctor, although they never called him that.

I’m pretty sure all of you geeks out there would love this show.

(Note: On Earth 3B, they are up to the 18th Doctor on Doctor Who)

The Doclopedia #1,198

Critter Avengers Choice: Jasmine: Lagos Feline Resort, Lagos, Portugal

This is where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. It’s located on CatEarth 4C, where humans still worship cats as deities in the year 1962. Being as we are both Dwarf Portuguese Jungle Cats, going to Portugal seemed the right thing to do.

The resort is all that a cat could ask for, once you finally leave your room:) There are fine beaches, gourmet food (the Clams & Mice was to die for!), excellent drinks and all sorts of things to do. The human staff is top notch and they wait on you paw & paw. And did I mention that the litter boxes use a wonderfully scented litter?

We were there for a week, then spent another week just touring the country. I absolutely recommend this resort to any cats that can get there.


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