The Mind Roastingly Strange, But Still Very Cute, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Cat Who Could Hum the Blues

…featuring her new kitty cat, Bessie

Yes, I know, I suck at doing new posts here lately. I hang my head in shame and blame it on my sucky new work schedule.

HOWEVER, I have finally started my new storyblog here:

Those of you who have read my DogCon/CatCon reports or my Facebook or Twitter posts OR the post on either of those sites by the Critter Avengers, will find the new stories familiar, yet different. It’s the tale told from a different reality starting in 2009.

So check it out. My current plan is to update it three times a week, Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

This blog may go on an official hiatus for a month or so as I build up a bunch of Doclopedia entries to post here. And yes, I WILL continue to post DogCon/CatCon reports, at least for a couple more years.


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