Please Don’t Feed The Zombies

…we have them on a strict diet of politicians

The Doclopedia #1,204

Alt. Roleplaying: Trollhunters International

The year is 1980 and a doomed archaeological mission has opened up an ancient prison that held the last of the trolls. Now, trolls have spread across the planet, causing all sorts of trouble.

Player characters are trollhunters who get paid a bounty on each troll they collect. Live trolls are worth much more than dead ones, so using various traps is important. Not getting killed and/or eaten by a troll is much more important.

Character creation uses a ten sided die for the seven characteristics and percentile dice for skills. Character types include Scientist, Big Game Hunter, Cryptid Expert and several more. You start with 1d20 X 1,000 dollars for equipment, then buy more as you earn more money.

24 types of troll are covered in the basic rules. These range from the 3 foot tall Tropical Cannibal Troll to the 12 foot tall Fire Troll to the 90 foot tall Northern Mountain Troll. As if that weren’t enough to keep you busy, there are also some trolls who can infect humans and other animals with a mutagenic virus.