The So Late We Almost Skipped A Month, But Still Very Cute, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Golem Made Of Stinky Cheese

…co-starring her pet skunk, Limburger

It’s that time of year again, folks!

CatCon 8

Day Zero: In which Your Humble Narrator explains this years trip and we bid a goodbye to absent friends.

Once again we are about to depart Sacramento for our annual imaginary trip to Critter City, Texas for CatCon 8. The bus is packed up and ready and we will all be sleeping on it tonight. Our departure time is the ever popular 3:00 am. Not sure who that hour is popular with. Owls, maybe.

(Silky: And old dads & old dogs who wake up around then to pee.)

As most of you know, we are making this years trip without Flash, Jasmine or Lulu because they are off in another reality fighting to save CatWorld #44 from imminent invasion by Alien Space Weasels. Sadly, they will never be able to return to our reality, but we remember them and are proud of what they are doing.

(Sasha: What they are doing is seriously kicking alien ass!)

Since the above has cast a bit of a pall on things, this year our trip to the con will be made up of stops at some of the roadside attractions and events we enjoyed. Each of us (Grace, the Girls & I) chose one, plus we chose an extra one for Flash & company. So, six stops will be made. Sadly, one of those will not be Uncle Ferdy’s Trained Squirrel Revue, which has closed down completely. It would seem that Uncle Ferdy is living quietly out of the public eye in a small town in Idaho with his wife and his remaining squirrels. From what I heard, he has a tall chain link fence around his property so as to keep out dogs & cats, which cause his nervous tics to go into overdrive. We’ll miss you, Uncle Ferdy. Sorry about causing you so much trouble.

(Daisy: That totally blows! I was hoping we’d get another crack at it.)
(Leon: Yeah, so was I.)

The bus crew this year is relatively small, just myself, Grace, Sasha, Silky, Daisy, our friend Avis (actually, her duplicate that popped up two days ago), her cat Leon, our friend Spike and his wife Mary. Many other friends will be meeting up with us at the convention. We’ll be doing one stop per day, so the trip will take us 6 days.

(Sasha: Thanks to using the old timey wimey, spacey wacey manipulation.)

And now, Gentle Reader, I’m off to bed. More reportage tomorrow.


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