Mr. Feathers, Private Duck

…quack quack, tough guy!

CatCon 8

Day 3: In which have encounters of the canine kind and, late at night, there is a dog party.

A few years back, we were near Boise City, Oklahoma, when we saw a sign advertising the Dog Days Festival and we knew we’d have to stop. Turns out that Dog Days is a big gathering of dogs and their humans and it was hella fun.

We stopped there again today and it was just as much fun as before, except maybe for Leon, who is a cat and therefore not the target audience. Still, even he had some good times, what with being the only kitty for maybe 5 miles and people wanting to pet him.

(Leon: Yeah, it wasn’t so bad, especially with The Girls telling other dogs to shut up and show some respect.)

There were hundreds of dogs present, including at least 22 other bassets. We wandered all around eating snacks, listening to music and talking with dog owners.

(Silky: One booth had venison jerky snacks for humans and dogs. They were great!)

(Daisy: I only came in fifth in the Longest Ears Contest. Some Bloodhound from Tulsa won first place.)

We got t-shirts and dog collars and all manner of chotzkies. I even picked up 2 new bandanas. The big finale of Day One was a bluegrass concert and a barbecue.

Well, that’s not quite true.

(Sasha: Here it comes, folks.)

Since I am a member of the Frequent Urination Society, I had to get up about 2:30 am to take a leak. During that time, I could faintly hear music and other noise coming from somewhere in the bus. I went to take a look and when I got to the Meadow Room, I saw that a full on dog party was going on. Must have been 80 dogs in there. They were dancing to some dogpunk tune and barking and chasing each other and rolling around in fresh compost.

(Sasha: The song was “Hot Piss On a Cops Leg” by The Leghumpers.)

I saw Silky talking with a couple of black Labs, Daisy dancing with a Beagle and Sasha acting as DJ. I stood in the door for about 10 seconds, at which point they all smelled me, then saw me. Except fot The Girls, everyone was out of there in under 30 seconds. I then just said “BED!” and the three party hosts trotted off to bed while showing various levels of guilt.

(Daisy: It was Silky’s idea!)

(Silky: I said “let’s invite a couple of dogs over to talk for a bit”.)

(Sasha: I regret nothing!)

The next morning I told Grace about it and, in a moment that dropped all of our jaws, she merely said “Oh well, girls will be girls!”.

(Daisy: Daddy asked her if she was a pod person.)

More bloggage later.

Destination Sign when we started: Kandor

Destination Sign when we ended: Highway 61

Radio Station of the Day: KFRC “The Big 610” circa 1968


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