The Very Wild & Wacky, Yet Still Homespun & Cozy, Story Of Mostly Purple Patty And The Race Across Red Bluff

…co-starring her parakeet, Mrs. Doodles

The Doclopedia #1,211

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The Weekly Digest On Weak Digestion

…it’s a pretty specialized publication

The Doclopedia #1,210

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Arena Battle of 4 humans, 2 elves and 2 dwarves versus 6 gnolls, 3 bugbears, 2 green slimes and Harry the Hydra! Price: 5 gold or 15 pounds of fresh elf meat

Death Chess Semifinals! The Great Red Dragon, Poxarius, versus The Dread Lich Norka Rell (orc & goblin chess pieces) Price: 7 gold or a live halfling.

Killer Hirock versus Crusher Trangg! The Doom In The Gloom! This is the big deathmatch, folks! Price: 20 gold or 3 living humans or elves.

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